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Some Nice Words From A Client

When I get involved in an automobile injury case, it is usually in the aftermath of a person suffering a life-altering injury of some sort.  I do whatever I can do to make a difficult situation better from a legal point of view.  It is often times difficult work, but it is professionally satisfying to help a person in need.  Today, I received a very nice note from a client.  It was very nice of her to share her feelings with me.  Here is the note:





A long two years !

For me – a long recovery – medically, emotionally and legally.


For you – another case.

It’s what you do

But, never did I feel I was ‘just’ another case.


I was a person, with an injury.

I was a person, with a claim.

I was a person, you were assisting to gain the maximum recovery , first in body, then in emotion and lastly in a monetary compensation.


You did it well.


Had the focus of our contact been other than an accident claim, I would enthusiastically state that  I enjoyed your company and the interaction with Pam and Trish.

What I will state, is my gratitude for making the claim process as smooth and pleasant as was possible.

Home visits, with education, and preparation, the dreaded deposition, the really dreaded but avoided trial, the forms and record requests; all confirmed that you deserve high praise and awards for what you do and mostly for me, the manner in which you do it.


Thank you.


Happy Thanksgiving !


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