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Rear End Automobile Collision Case Set To Begin Trial In December

Connecticut Trial Lawyer Tim O’Keefe is scheduled to try a rear-end automobile collision case at Waterbury Superior Court in December.  The collision at issue in the case occurred when the operator of a heavy pick-up truck took his eyes off the road as he exited the highway and slammed the truck into a vehicle that was stopped for a red light.  According to his doctors, the operator of that vehicle has sustained a herniated disc in his back as a result of the collision.  The lawsuit seeks damages for medical expenses, lost time from work, permanent injury and loss of enjoyment.


“To this point, the truck driver’s insurance company has refused to make a reasonable settlement offer for the harms and damages that were caused by the truck driver’s negligence.  As a result, we will ask a jury to hold the trucker responsible so that his insurance company can pay a reasonable and fair amount of compensation.”  Tim O’Keefe


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