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Superior Court Rules Court May Not Extend Time to Respond To Offer of Compromise

In the recent Connecticut Superior Court case of Batchelder v. Kolesko, a defendant filed an “Offer of Compromise” in an attempt to settle the case.  The Connecticut “Offer of Compromise” statute gives the recipient thirty (30) days to respond.  The plaintiff asked the court for an extension of time to respond.  The court denied that request and held that, “the offers of compromise provisions facilitate resolution of civil cases…early settlements unclog court dockets and save participants time, money and uncertainty.”

It is vitally important to understand the time deadlines associated with the filing of Offers of Compromise in automobile and truck crash cases, as you may lose important rights if you do not respond in a timely fashion.  If you are uncertain, you should consult with an experienced Automobile Accident Lawyer. Call 860-246-2700 today.

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