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Failure to Heed Red Light at Intersection Results in $250,000.00 Settlement

Connecticut Automobile Injury Lawyer Tim O’Keefe has obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for a man who suffered a back injury in a New Haven, Connecticut intersection automobile crash.  “The defendant driver was not paying proper attention and drove right through a red light causing a tremendous crash.  The defendant’s insurance company vigorously contested this case every step of the way.  They hired a medical doctor to testify that the crash did not cause our client’s back injury.  He needed a back surgery and the medical costs were extremely high.  We retained a radiologist to review all of the medical records and films and we also hired an exhibit company to produce some very compelling trial exhibits.  We always commit significant resources to our cases so we can get the very best results possible for our clients.  Our client is very pleased with the outcome.”  Tim O’Keefe

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